Summary: For this project, I designed a newspaper that was response the current topic of sustainability by utilizing typography and image as the primary mode of storytelling and documentation.

Problem: Designing a newspaper that clearly explains a sustainability issue while maintaining a visually interesting way to learn about a topic that is fun for the viewer.

Process: The idea for my newspaper was to educate people on the harmful processes during the manufacturing of different clothing items. So for the first issue, the newspaper information would focus on demin jeans. While doing my research I found many articles related to the topic of sustainablility, however I only used one main article related to my topic which includes the total impacts during the manufacturing process of jeans. During this entire process, I was taking notes and trying to organize all of my information in a way that made the most sense.

Solution: My design solution for the newspaper way to use brights colors that correlated to the topic and bold, fun imagery that would hold the viewers attention.