Summary: For this project, I re-designed a potential brand book for the lingerie brand Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Problem: I decided to rebrand this company because the brand was struggling with their brand identity and needed a total makeover.

Process: My brand strategy was allow Fredrick’s to present themselves as more consistent and honest towards their customers. Fredrick’s is deeply rooted in the history of lingerie in the U.S which is why I decided to lead the re-brand with that idea given that Fredrick’s can really capitalize on their history within the lingerie industry. They invented the first push-up bra! Why not advertise it? With so many smaller, niche lingerie companies emerging, I think that it is highly crucial for Fredrick’s to use their brand to do something different. The current essence of the brand is too predictable and has lost touch with their identity. My plan is to draw inspiration from their old catalogs and to relaunch themselves in a way to get customers more excited to purchase online

Solution: My solution was to draw inspiration from Frederick’s history by using an elegant, retro-esc logo that mimicked their original logo with a modern twist.