Summary: For this project I created an app concept that would encourages positive messages about mental health. In the app, the user can track their mood and feelings on a daily basis, later receiving notifications with positive messages that will uplift and inspire the user throughout the day. At the end of every month the app calculates your moods and gives percentages and graphs that allows the you to see how your mood fluctuated during that time. The more the user uses the app, the messages that are used in the notifications can become more accurate and precise.

Problem: Create an app concept that would be prototyped.

Process: As for my process when doing my sketches and digital iterations, I knew I wanted to keep the app super simple and easy to use. For my color choices, I wanted the app to almost mimic a doctors office. I chose to keep a more serious undertone when designing to appeal to an older target audience.

Solution: For my app I was inspired to create something that would have a positive effect on one’s daily life. This app was made for anyone who wants to become more emotionally aware, get uplifted throughout the day, and track themselves to visually see their mood fluctuations.